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I’m Andrew, a Computer Science student and FOSS enthusiast.

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Jun 25, 2022

New project: Hash Maps

This is the second of the two projects I prepared for this spring. For this project I’ve focussed on implementing data structures in Python, namely hash maps and hash tables. In these implementations I demonstrate two different methods for avoiding hash colisions: open addressing with quadratic probing; and separate chaining. While data structures might seem bit mundane I actually had a lot of fun with this one! I felt much more confident in this project than I have in the past as well. Read more
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My first memorable experience with technology was at age five - Nintendo introduced me to Mario, Tetris, and Zelda. My love of games took hold immediately, and I’ve been hooked on technology ever since. Games, and the hardware necessary to play them, were always evolving so I became determined to build my own desktop computer in high school. Since then, I’ve built at least another dozen computers and a couple home servers to host my own privacy focussed cloud services. These experiences have led me to become a strong proponent of open source software, in part due to its transparency, quality, innovation, and diversity. I am currently a Computer Science student at Oregon State University and host my own open source projects at, a non-profit using the MIT licensed Gitea.

Bachelor of Science – Computer Science
2021 – TBA (Current student)

Bachelor of Arts – Ethics, History, and Public Policy
2005 – 2009



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